Belmont Shore Landsharks

Est. 1974 - One of the leading women's rugby teams in
Southern California


The Belmont Shore Women’s Rugby Club began in 1974 as one of the first women’s clubs in California and an offshoot of the Belmont Shore Men's Rugby Club. Since their inception, the Landsharks have been a perennial power in the Southern California Women's Rugby Football Association.

Belmont Women's Team 1976
Belmont Women's Team 1976
Belmont Women's Team 2009

In 1981 the Belmont Shore Women's Rugby Club went on its first major tour and earned the first place seed for the Pacific Coast region in the National Championships in Chicago. With a fine display of hard-hitting and free-flowing California style rugby, the Belmont team emerged as 1981 National Rugby Champions. The club won its second National Championship in Minnesota in 1991.

Belmont Women's Team 2006
Belmont Women's Team 2007
Belmont Women's Team 2008
Belmont Women's Team

In recent years, the Landsharks have continued to make their mark on Southern California rugby. They have been finalists in 22 out of 30 major tournaments they have entered in California and Arizona and the club’s members have pulled in eleven MVP awards at major tournaments, toured New Zealand, and played for the U.S. Eagles in the 1990 inaugural Rugby World Cup.

The Landsharks are currently working their way back to the National title. The Belmont side consists of 24-30 women between the ages of 18 and 51 with an average experience level of six years.